RevUp funds customer acquisition for a number of technology-powered startups under different categories.
RevUp is the perfect platform for:

Direct to Consumer Companies

Directly selling products to customers without the middlemen

Subscription Package Companies

Subscription-based e-commerce for niche products

Online Retailers

Digital and mobile-based retailers, and other e-commerce entities

Mobile Games and Apps

Mobile software applications for gaming and other purposes aside from e-commerce

B2B Software as a Service

Application delivery for business process optimization

What if your startup doesn’t fall under one of these?

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Plug-in your business details when you apply for RevUp funds for growth marketing. We’ll do a quick check-up of your startup and give you an approval. How quick? 10 minutes to be exact.

Start Acquiring Customers

If the startup fits our qualification criteria, we fund your growth capital for digital marketing. Receive a line of credit proportionate to your revenue and give us access to your digital marketing dashboards. You repay us as you acquire customers through your digital marketing campaign. As simple as that.

Make It Big

Acquire new customers. Grow your follower base. Increase your conversions. You’re on your way to amplifying your marketing campaigns. You keep complete control of your company while building valuation and growing your revenue base.