All you need to know about RevUp.

RevUp provides you a platform to quickly secure marketing capital for immediate deployment, payable over a maximum of three cycles of 7 days, which can be used for customer acquisition without the need to give up equity. RevUp uses its algorithms to determine whether a business is eligible for funding. An offer will be forwarded and capital deployment will then commence for businesses that are able to satisfy the criteria. And because it is not a bank, RevUp does not charge interest. It only charges a nominal fee applied to each unit of customer acquisition cost.
Applying for funding is absolutely free.
We work with tech-powered startups in various sectors, commonly e-commerce, mobile in-app gaming and B2B SaaS. Just fill up the sign-up form and provide as much information about your startup as you can. If your business is not within these categories, you may still send an application through the form.
You are more likely to receive financing from RevUp if:
  • Your marketing capital required in a single cycle does not exceed US$ 3000
  • Your business has been in operation for at least 6 months
  • Your payment turnaround time is less than 28 calendar days
  • Your lifetime revenue is higher than the capital required
  • Your current monthly revenue is more than half of the capital required
  • Your average number of monthly transactions over 6 months is more than 1
In some cases, exceptions are made for cash-positive businesses that have been operating for less than 6 months, provided that the other criteria are satisfied.
To perform due diligence, we need to verify the startup itself and the founder/s. We will require access to your digital marketing accounts. We will also need to verify your company setup documents such as trade license and VAT certificate, and your personal identification documents including government-issued IDs.
Because of the algorithms we’ve built in-house, evaluation and approval only takes 15 minutes. The actual processing of funds is dependent on the provision of company documentation, verification provided data through access to marketing account and availability of marketing collaterals and content.
You may now start planning the deployment of capital for customer acquisition. Alternatively, our in-house team could create and manage the marketing campaign for your product or service using our experience with comparable brands. RevUp controls the digital marketing spends through your dashboard. You may settle the capital amount within 7 to 21 days depending on repayment cycles, and this amount will be reinvested into your marketing corpus after deducting the pre-agreed markup. Failure to settle at the end of the payment cycle leads to immediate freezing of the account.
Depending on the capital you have applied for and your business’ performance, RevUp charges anywhere from 15 to 35 percent on the capital expended per unit of customer acquisition. This amount is payable within 7 calendar days after the transaction and gets reinvested in the customer acquisition corpus.
Yes. Further due diligence will be conducted to determine eligibility, fit, and need for additional capital.
You will have access to the entire transaction history through your RevUp dashboard.